Gastronorm containers Ice cream containers Bulk storage containers Carving units Chafing dishes Chip scuttles Fish thawing Ice wells Insulated food transport boxes Granite enamel Gridshelves Round pots Wet wells Bain marie Wire grids Sinks stainless steel Waste kits Taps and spray units Bar fittings Sizes gastronorm New and exhibitions Sound deadeningx Portable Hand        Wash Unit With  lid removed and filler Cap unscrewed tank can now  be filled Fill tank with hand - hot water  The water will stay  hot  for  Hours so make  sure it is not  Too hot or you may  risk  Scalding ! Refit  cap and   insulated lid for safe  Transport hot water will only Lose 2 degs  C. Per hour Help line 0121-773-2228 Insulated grey food transport box GN1/1 x 170deep